Dundee Urban Orchard

Coming to a greenspace near you



DUO (Dundee Urban Orchard) is a city-wide art project supporting individuals, community groups and cultural organisations to plant and care for small-scale orchards within Dundee.

All of our events are free – so please get involved!

In addition to the practical benefits of enhancing biodiversity, reconnecting individuals and community groups to local greenspaces and raising awareness of where food comes from, DUO offer art workshops for all ages and experiences with a focus on sustainability.


In an urban environment like Dundee it’s easy to lose connection to the food we eat. A large proportion of the food available in Dundee has travelled long distances and is purchased in packaged or processed form from supermarket shelves.

Planting, caring for and harvesting an orchard go a long way to bridging this disconnect. So, if you’ve never planted a tree or plucked fruit from an orchard this is your chance to do so!

DUO planting figures


DUO is performed by Jonathan Baxter and Sarah Gittins.

It could also include you!

We’ll help you plan, plant, and care for a small-scale orchard in your community. We’ll also help you celebrate your first harvest.

Without your vision and commitment DUO will remain unplanted!